• About SG HAU Hydroponics System

     SG HAU (Hydro-Aqua Urbanponics) hydroponics system is a Singapore made brand patented hydroponic system.

    Why SG HAU?

    Pesticide Free

    Our SG HAU are built & designed to cultivate plants using water flowing technique and there is no need to use pesticide that might harm the plants and are free from lead toxic.

    Natural Source A&B Nutrient

    We shower our plants using only the top quality and specially formulated A&B nutrient (water-soluble granular & water-soluble powder) as the well balanced fertilizer in our hydroponics system.

    Environmental Friendly

    We are devoted to keep our environment green. With the use of hydroponics system modern farming technique, there will be no contamination or carbon footprint emitted into the atmosphere.


    Our hydroponics system are designed and setup to be fully covered and 24/7 flowing water in the system will result in no stagnant water. It is a 2-level security against mosquitoes.

    Resources Conservation

    Modern problem requires modern solution. SG HAU offers a modern farming solution by using hydroponics system: no soil used and minimal water & electricity consumption (this means a lower water & electrical bill too!)

    Minimal Workload

    1 ~ 2 hours is all it takes to monitor & maintain the conditions of plants as well as replenishment of nutrients or water on a daily basis!

    Compact Design, High Yield

    SG HAU introduces you your first vertical farming at home. We design our hydroponics system to be compact to accommodate minimal land space while making full use of the vertical space to provide more growth slot (fully customizable) resulting in more vegetables yield!

    Your Hydroponics, Your Peace of Mind

    Everyone once wanted to grow their own vegetables in their life, because who wouldn’t want to? Moreover, growing your own vegetables give you absolute control on its safety and cleanliness. With your own hydroponics system, you could be planting 5 different type of vegetables at once!

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