What is Hydroponics System?

Hydroponics system is the answer to modern method for both farming & gardening. Instead of soil, hydroponics system uses only water to cultivate plants & other greens. Without much requirements such as landspace and soil among many other thing, almost anyone can grow their own greens in the comfort of own home without much hassle.

Why Hydroponics System?

To reduce contribution to climate change:

 Before reaching our plates, our food is produced, stored, processed, packaged, transported, prepared, and served. At every stage, food provisioning releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Farming in particular releases significant amounts of methane and nitrous oxide, two powerful greenhouse gases…

Read more about climate change here. Source: European Environment Agency (EEA)

Hydroponics System: The next generation of farming is here. Everyone can easily produce food without needing acres of land (which is the current way most of the plants & fruits are grown worldwide). It can’t get any more local and fresher by growing your own food at home. Read more on the benefits of hydroponics system here. Source: Green Our Planet

Who We Are

We at HydroAqua Urbanponics Pte Ltd are passionate to grow healthy food using sustainable resources as well as bringing the community together for a better generations to come. Our team is dedicated to provide high quality hydroponics systems & supplies for home, school, hospitals, non-profit, & other communities.

Read how we have provided hospital with our SG HAU here.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Madam Oh and her workers are very friendly and provide good after sales service. As I am new to hydroponics farming, I will definitely need to consult them whenever I have any problems or issues with my planting or vegetables.

Mrs. Ho

Guangyang Primary School

With great satisfaction, we wish to thanks Mrs. Oh for providing the professional services & designs in their innovative technical idea in providing high quality hydroponics system. The hydroponics system transforms our company rooftop to a lush green mini vegetable farm. Thank you so much for the job well done.

Simon Tan

Linkage Singapore Pte Ltd

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request for custom made design?

Yes! You can request for a custom model of particular sizes & designs that best suit your vacant space be it your house balcony, office corridor, rooftop garden, or your compound.

How frequent do I have to check on the plants?

Once per day for 10 to 15 minutes would suffice to ensure the water level & the nutrients are kept at sufficient level to keep the plants happy! Our team will ensure to deliver the relevant knowledge upon installation of the system.

I have harvested my first greens and wish to start planting a new batch.

Congratulations on the harvest! This means a step closer to a greener future.
To start a new batch, first you would need to germinate seed into seedling. You can do so by wrapping the seed with a damp paper towel, then place it in a zip lock bag and store it away in a dark & warm part of the room. Check on the seed after a couple of week and you should see the seed has turned into seedling.
Transplant the seedling into the sponge with root down. Gently place the sponge on the system and voila! 
Alternatively, we also provide the service to sow the seed for your next batch!